Drawings and Video/Sound Collage
This body of work is inspired by classic fairy tales, stories which have passed through time by word of mouth, informing personal memory, while their universal themes also inform our collective memory. The protagonists are archetypal good and evil characters such as kings, queens, demons, wolves and witches.These characters change identity, are cursed and killed, and then re-appear.While at once being supernatural and illogical, paradoxically these stories resonate with human truths. The subtext of these stories include motifs of transformation and redemption, echoing the transformative power of the creative process, and the fluctuating identity of the Self, while the settings, such as the forest and the river, are powerful metaphors for states of mind.
Transference                                                   Graphite on Paper  24 " x 30 " 
The Forest 6pm                                                   Graphite on Paper  24 " x 30 " 
Stay                                                                   Graphite on Paper  24 " x 30 " 
The Hypnotist                                                   Graphite on Paper  24 " x 30 " 
Hair, Nails & Teeth                                                  Graphite on Paper  24 " x 30 " 
Transformation 1                                         Graphite on Paper 24 " x  30 " 
Transformation 2                                         Graphite on Paper 24 " x  30 "
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