Works on Paper and Video/Sound Collage:                              Park Gallery, Falkirk; Scotland  
The Time Speed & Distance calculation is a formula used by travelers to locate their exact position. Using this calculation as a metaphor for the location of the Self, this body of work will include a series of works on paper (drawings & digital prints) and projected time-lapse animation/digital video which fuses ancient and new media while exploring the relationship of time, memory and identity.
In painting, pentimento (regret, penitent) is a term for the curious phenomenon of earlier layers of a painting showing through with the passage of time. Relying on chance and accident I work from memory in a stream-of-conscious manner intentionally using elements of pentimento to inform the work.The paper or canvas becomes a mnemonic device such as a palimpsest akin to Freud’s mystic writing pad.
While regarding drawing as language this work appropriates approaches to drawing from the history of art including Albrecht Durer cross-hatching, Surrealist automatic-drawing and primitive mark-making techniques.The animated/digital video pieces start as drawings and incorporate photographs sourced from early cinema and photography (early forms of mass media) to create fragmented stories which refer to narratives and character archetypes that shape our personal and collective memory.
The expansion of the internet has narrowed physical distance and time zones, and created a potential for a global language.The visual language is pre-verbal, and this body of work re-examines aspect of this language, particularly drawing, as one of the most ancient tools of human communication.
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